Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The next relationship I would like to talk about is between parents and their children. I feel like almost all teenagers have a rocky relationship with their parents. All of m friends complain constantly about their parents and how bad they can not wait to move out or how they can not stand their parents. Even my father said that he would argue with his dad endlessly as a teenager for no real reason. Hormones are running wild in teens and they are constantly testing their parents' patience. I know I am a prime example. I used to test my parents' patience until they finally had enough of it and they just do not even care anymore. It's sad the way teenagers treat their parents these days. Our parents only love us with all their hearts and want the best for us. Kids take their families for granted way too much. Things could be so much worse. Eventually we all grow out of the "i hate my parents" stage once we're adults and have families of our own. Only then do we realize how good we had it. Learn to appreciate your family, they love you. I now know that my behavior was wrong and I tried my best to make it up to my parents but I know things will never be the same.
So recently our squad has left the honeymoon stage. At first we were all totally infatuated with one another and were constantly hanging out. Now we all still like each other but we see each other less and less frequently. Also our good friend Sutta has been nothing but evil to Anouk, Steph, and I. Us three girls are confused on what we should do in this situation. I feel like every group of friends goes through a rough patch and this is ours. Friendship is about promises, honestly, loyalty, and ultimately forgiveness. We are all human and we all have feelings and get sensitive from time to time but you can't be mean to your alleged "best friends". You can not manipulate them or use them for your own personal gain. My feelings have been hurt and I hope Sutta is not doing this to us on purpose. Friends come and go and all of us are going our own ways after graduation but I would have never imagined that this would happen to our friendship now. Our situation is far from over and I hope we can all come out on top of it holding hands.

Friday, April 1, 2016

So another best friend of mine is Anouk Ohayon. I met Anouk freshman year at lunch. I had just transferred to Palmetto from Reef and I was adopted by a group of really sweet drama kids.  Anouk stood out the most out of the group. She was always dancing and making everyone laugh. Sophmore year we sat next to each other in 1st period English. There we would always make jokes about the teacher and the classwork. Anouk was my only real friend in freshman year. Her and I went to rapids for my birthday the summer after freshman year. Ironically my two best friends like each other and talk all the time. Anouk and Sutta are my closest friends and they've come in clutch so many times. Anouk has introduced me to many new friends like Judith and Paula. We have many inside jokes. For example, Anouk can impersonate a famous vine almost exactly and it makes everyone cry from laughter every time. I can tell Anouk anything an I know that she will keep my secrets and her promises. She's a very down to earth and funny girl. Senior year we have grown really close and I'm glad that she is staying in Miami for college with me. Anouk also reminds me a lot of my aunt Debbie. I even call her aunt Debbie sometimes and she get's a little irritated. Our relationship is basically us gossiping, teasing each other, and discussing our problems. Anouk may not know it but she is important to me and I'm glad to have a friend like her.