Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My brother is my best friend. There is no one who has fought with me so much and has criticized me so often. He is my number one fan. I know he would hate to admit it but he looks up to me and tries to impress me with everything he does. Nobody sticks by your side like a sibling. I've never met any of my mother's siblings and that makes me sad. I don't understand how people can be so distant with their family let alone their siblings. My brother and I joke around about me moving out like, "Ugh when are you leaving!?" or I'll say, "I can't wait to move away from you" but we both don't mean it. We'll both miss each other a lot. We'll miss all the roast sessions, move marathons, gossip, and nights we spend playing play station together.


  1. I have the same relationship with my brother. But i still can't wait for him to move out of the house, he's already 23.

  2. My older brother is in college already. Oh how I miss him! :(