Monday, March 28, 2016

After everything I've been through during these past two years I was honestly ready to be alone. I'm tired of the drama relationships bring and I'm tired of always getting taken advantage of and bullied. I was perfectly content with being alone and spending more time with friends and especially family members. But like always life likes to throw you a curve ball and I can't help myself, I'm a hopeless romantic and I love people. A girl by the name of Jennifer or as I knew her (brobeanzz) followed me on twitter. At first I thought nothing of it and I followed back because I follow back almost everyone that follows me. Anyways days go by and she starts to blow up my notifications. I don't get many notifications on twitter because I don't have many followers so she was very noticeable. It got to the point where it was becoming very irritating to me so I direct messaged her asking her, "So are you gonna just retweet everything or are you ever going to talk to me and say hi?". She responded, "Lol I hadn't noticed tbh". And from there we exchanged numbers and texted one another all day everyday. This girl is exactly like me, it's almost like she's a clone of me. We had to meet in person I couldn't stand the tension anymore so one day we arranged a little ice cream date. We were just as compatible in person as we were on our phones. The rest is honestly history. Normally the both of us hate clingy people and we hate being clingy but we can't get enough of each other. She's different from anyone I've ever met before. So far we seem to really like each other and although it's only been a month of us flirting and hanging out with one another I hope that it can continue. She is such a breath of fresh air that I desperately wanted. Whether we end up dating or not I hope to have her in my life because she is a very good influence and a very fun person to be around. 

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