Friday, February 19, 2016

After Alec and I ended things someone really special came along and he will always be remembered to me as my first love. It was the end of 10th grade only about two more months left and I was ready for it to be over. My grandma had just passed away after being very sick for years and everyday walking past her room was a mission for me. I was very alone ans very distraught for weeks until another boy 'slid into my DMs'. His name was Robert but everyone called him Robbie and he was two years older than me. He was 6'8" tall, super slender, bright green eyes, and a quirky grin that can be spotted miles away. He asked me one April day if I wanted to go to the park with him. I knew him because we hung around the same group of friends so I figured why not it would be good to get out of the house for awhile. He turned my world upsidedown. I never met someone so similar to me. It was like we were the same person, I could really open up and connect with him. From the first day we hungout both of us could feel the chemistry between us. It was all fun and games from then on. We did everything together. Not a second went by where I wasn't with him, on the phone with him, texting him, or snapchatting him. He wasn't just my boyfriend he was my bestfriend. We both knew it was only a matter of time before he had to go off to college and I would be left here in Miami. We didn't let the distance stop us. My whole junior year I soent with him in a long distance relationship. He went to FGCU which is only 2 hours away but to us it seemed like light years away. He came down to visit me twice a month and I would go up once a month. We had our own little system and it worked so well for us all of our friends couldn't believe we were making it work. Out of all of my experiences and relationships I've had I know this was love. I did everything for his happiness that I lost myself along the way. Summer finally came around and we could finally be together I thought. Robbie made me promise not to get a summer job that way we could be together but as soon as he gets back he takes a lifeguarding job where he has to work 9-6 everyday except sundays. I was furious. How could he do this? He made me quit my job for him but he takes this job without even telling me? We got into a huge argument that lasted about a month. When our one year anniverssary rolled around (July 4th) he went M.I.A.  I couldn't get a hold of him. The next day he finally contacts me to tell me it's over. I knew we had our problems but I wasn't prepared to lose him over something so ridiculous. I fought and fought and fought for him but I just couldn't get through to him. A momth passes by and I fell into a deep depression. My family was gone for the summer so I kept the house dark and to myself. I didn't sleep, didn't eat, and didn't talk to anyone for weeks on end. My bestfriend at the time Tyler was so concerned about my health. We thought that I would never get over it. To make matters worse a friend called me and told me that Robbie was with his ex on the fourth of July. The ex that ironically cheated on him. I called up Robbie and he confessed and said that he was in fact cheating on me for more than half of our relationship. At that point I wasn't sad anymore I was over it. Neverless if he called me up today I would answer and be more than friendly with him. He made me feel alive and I thank him for the memories and valuable life lessons he has taught me. Robbie will always be remembered to me as my first love.

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  1. I have a quick question about your blog. Was the DM in the p.m. ?