Friday, February 19, 2016

After my relationship with John ended I was pretty lonely. This new app called Hot or Not came out and I decided to give it a try. Why not? I met this guy named Alec. He was also a year older than me and he lived in Fort Lauderdale. He was also a professional drift car driver for formula drift. Our first date was something to remember. He drove down in his 1989 dodge dually pickup truck. The truck was falling apart from rust but it ran and he enjoyed working on it in his downtime. We went to what is known as "the hump" which is where all the rednecks go to go mudding. We just wanted to drive down a dirt road and get to know one another. I showed him where to go and what trails to take. The trails I took us on were all really mild and his truck could tackle them easily. However, there was one mud hole. I warned Alec that it could get pretty deep but being a boy and wanting to show off for me he put the pedal to the floor and hit the mud hole. The entire front end of the truck was swallowed by the mud hole. We both stare at each other eyes big and our mouths open. Water began to fill up in the cab of the truck. He tried putting it in reverse in an attempt to back out but it was no use. I had to call my friend Tyler Dixion who has the biggest monster truck in South Florida. Hours pass and we ended up having a really good time talking and getting to know each other until Tyler finally showed up and pulled us out. The front end of the truck was destroyed but Alwc didn't mind. He loved working on his truck anyways. He drove home and sent me a long text about how much fun he had. We went on a couple more dates after that but nothing really sparked between us two. Today we still talk occasionally to catch up. My first date with Alec however will always be remembered as the craziest date I've ever been on.

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