Sunday, February 21, 2016

About a month passed since Robbie broke up with me and I was still pretty devestated. I was getting better day by day but I still had this melancholy vibe lingering inside me. My neighbor Austin, a sophomore at FSU was fishing outside on our lake one day and asked me to join him. I hadn't talked to him in years so it was really nice to catch up with him and see how he was doing. He was in the Zeta frat at FSU and would tell me all kinds of crazy party stories and since I'm going to TCC I was really interested in what he had to say. I feel like he took that the wrong way. He thought I was interested in him when really I just liked hearing his stories because I'm going to be living up there soon. Either way we had a little friends with benefits relationship for the rest of the summer. I told him I wasn't ready for another relationship right now and at the time he seemed to understand. The end of August came around and Austin went back to school and so did I. A couple weeks passed and we didn't talk to each other and to be honest I kind of forgot about him. Then one day he just started texting me asking how my day was and trying to carry a conversation even though I was really uninterested. He has been obsessed with me ever since then. He texts and calls me everyday to see how I'm doing and even though that's really sweet of him I wish he would just leave me alone. I'm a little scared and intimidated to move up to Tallahassee now.


  1. Lucky girl, perhaps you should give him an chance.

  2. He seems like such a nice kid! maybe try telling him how you feel?